Pathweeder 750ml
HomeSafe weed Terminator
Weed Terminator 750ml
May 19, 2016
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May 22, 2016
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Pathweeder 750ml

HomeSafe Pathweeder

HomeSafe Pathweeder delivers highly effective, fast,  non-staining* weed control for paths, pavers & driveways. Made from natural ingredients, HomeSafe Pathweeder patented formula kills weeds quickly. Visible symptoms in 1 hour. Rainproof in 1hour.

*Does not stain most hard surfaces – please spot test.

The HomeSafe Pathweeder Difference

1 Hour Visible Action
Fast & Long Lasting
Non Staining*
Glyphosate Free
Kills Weeds & Grasses
Suitable to all Public Areas
Non-toxic & Food Safe
People & Pet Friendly
Natural Ingredients
Conditions Soils
Australian Made

HomeSafe Advantage – A Toxic-Free Environment For People & Pets

HomeSafe Pathweeder is 100% readily biodegradable. It will not accumulate in the soil or water or cause long term problems.

Please see HomeSafe Pathweeder Safety Data Sheets for further information.





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How It Works

Spray to ensure complete coverage of unwanted plants to the point of run-off. Best results are achieved when HomeSafe Pathweeder is applied in full sun to small actively growing plants. HomeSafe Pathweeder works by dehydrating the plant. Results are seen as browning and wilting of the plant and will be seen within 1 hour of application. To be effective, HomeSafe Pathweeder must come into contact with the green parts of the plant.

HomeSafe Pathweeder works similar to a heavy frost, by quickly breaking down the cells of the plant, or in the way an extreme heat wave will burn plants by degrading the protective film (fatty acids) allowing plant moisture to escape and thereby creating total dehydration. With no residues in the soil, weeds are unable to build resistance.

*Does not stain most hard surfaces – please spot test.

HomeSafe Pathweeder Delivers Highly Effective Weed Control

SituationWeeds & Plants ControlledHow To Apply & Comments
Paths, paver & driveways
Annual weeds: Broadleaf weeds (e.g Blackberry nightshade, Capeweed, Burr medic), Creeping oxalis, Milk Thistle, Spear thistle, Wireweed.
Perennial weeds*: Broadleaf weeds (e.g Flatweed, Hair hawkbit, Lamb’s tongue, Dandelion, Evening primrose), Couch grass, Paspalum, Perennial ryegrass, Kikuyu

Algae, Lichen, Liverwort, Moss
Spray to complete coverage of weed surface. This product may damage lawn and turf when used as a spot spray.
*Perennial weed species may require repeated applications to obtain long-term control.

Spray to completely cover plant surface.

Safety Data

Safety Data Information


CAUTION: DO NOT apply during windy conditions.  DO NOT allow containers or sprays to get into drains, sewers, streams or ponds.  DO NOT spray directly on humans, pets, exposed food, food utensils or food preparation areas.

STORAGE: Keep out of reach of children. Store in the original container in a cool and dry place. Do not store in direct sunlight. Avoid freezing conditions.

DISPOSAL: Empty containers can be re used after thorough cleaning and rinsing or recycled/reconditioned at an approved facility.

SAFETY DIRECTIONS: Will irritate eyes. Avoid contact with eyes. When using product, wear rubber gloves. After each day’s use wash gloves. Wash hands after use.

FIRST AID: If ingested, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Australia 131 126. New Zealand 0800 764 766

Safety Data Sheets (downloadable pdf)Data Sheets Download



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