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Localsafe Weed Control – Tough On Weeds, Kind On People & Pets


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Innovative Effective Weed Control

Localsafe Weed Control is the latest innovative technology in weed control. Localsafe’s breakthrough patented formula is effective, fast and long lasting.

Localsafe Weed Control is a powerful alternative to glyphosate based weed killers. Designed to work on all types of weeds and grasses, it is safe for people and animals. Made from all natural ingredients, means there are no toxins that can pass into the food chain or into the human body.

Localsafe Weed Control leaves no residues in the soil or plants, removing the risk of weeds developing resistance over time.

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Contact Organics HomeSafe weed Control - safe for people, safe for pets, safe for home environment

Safe for your Home.Tough On Weeds – Safe For People, Pets & Environment

Localsafe Weed Control kills weeds quickly yet is non-toxic to people and animals and will leave no residue in the soil or plants. There are no toxins or chemicals in Localsafe that can be passed on into our food and into our bodies.

Localsafe Weed Control has been designed as a natural alternative to glyphosate based weedicides. Localsafe’s patented formulation and manufacturing process is an alternative to other weed killers in the market today.

LocalSafe Advantage – A Toxic- free Environment For People & Pets

LocalSafe Weed Control is 100% readily biodegradable .

It will not accumulate in the soil or water or cause long term problems.

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Localsafe Brings Back Soil Health

Localsafe Weed Control does more than just control weeds. It helps to bring back soil health. Designed to reduce weed growth over the long term, Localsafe improves soil condition, making it difficult for weeds to compete with healthy plants growing in healthy soil.
Localsafe kills weeds, brings life back to soil and removes toxins from our environment, surroundings, food and water.