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Developers of highly effective glyphosate-free non-toxic weed control

Contact Organics Pty Ltd is an Australian company based in Melbourne, Perth and Coffs Harbour. Through combining the latest technology and science with natural ingredients, Contact Organics creates innovative cutting edge products. Contact Organics is the developer and manufacturer of revolutionary LocalSafe products.

Over the past 30 years Contact Organics has been involved in the research, development and production of organic health products, with a particular focus on using the latest technology to increase bioavailability of ingredients. Focused on the science of cellular development and intra-cellular communication, the Contact Organics research & development team discovered a correlation between illnesses and chemicals used across a broad range of soils, crops and within foods produced from these crops. The results instigated the expansion into research relating to agriculture and its practices with herbicides. Further research was carried out into the use of glyphosate for weed control within local communities and the home environment. The results and human health impact studies lead directly to the development of revolutionary Weed Terminator.

Weed Terminator is the latest innovative technology in weed control and the result of 30 years of research and development. Developed in response to the need for a non-toxic non-resistant herbicide, Weed Terminator is synergistic result of combining science and nature.

Fast-acting Weed Terminator is glyphosate-free and safe for people, pets and environment. Weed Terminator is highly effective on herbicide resistant weeds. Weed Terminator leaves no residues in the soil or plants, removing the risk of weeds developing resistance over time. Designed to work on all types of weeds and grasses, it is safe for people and animals. Weed Terminator is also highly effective as a desiccant.

Results by Councils, weed contractors, vineyards, orchards, farmers and home owners around Australia have proven that  LocalSafe  Weed Terminator works, works quickly and the results last.

Contact Organics FarmSafe - safe for people, animals and the environment. Growing healthy food

Innovation in Nature

Nature & Technology in Perfect Synergy

Contact Organics is committed to developing sustainable horticultural and agricultural products to assist in removing toxins from the environment and supporting long term sustainable soil health.

With a focus on innovation, organic methods and natural ingredients and elements, Contact Organics Company’s core philosophy is to help nature bring life back to earth.

Contact Organics is proud to have developed a glyphosate-free patented Weed Terminator, currently available under the LocalSafe labels. Weed Terminator is made from natural ingredients, is non-toxic, leaves no residues and can assist in improving soil quality by facilitating the re-introduction of beneficial bacteria and fungi.